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I started planning my website when I was 12, I think, I used to make layouts on Microsoft Word (that were terrible if I look back) and my first project was an Anime fansite. I couldn't afford to pay for hosting back then and with time I grew less interested in Anime.

My first real website came about much later, when I wanted to build a fansite for my favourite singer. And I did, on a free host in December 2004, just a couple years later I got my own domain.

My domain was registered on the 29th of September 2007 and, after some time of switching from one hosting service to another, is now on BlueHost.
The name comes from a song by the japanese singer T.M.Revolution, the original japanese title is Shiroi Yami romanized.
I remember seeing the title translated in english on the american release album, something in it cought me and I decided to make it my domain name.

T.M.Revolution's White Darkness

At first it was only meant to be a fansite, my T.M.Revolution fansite is still hosted on my domain, but then I made other pages about other hobbies of mine and hosted it all here.

Now it isn't just one site anymore, it's my domain collective.

Just a place to show what I like through fanlistings icons, not all of those listed are active but I keep them.

My fansite for the japanese singer T.M.Revolution, the site is in italian and I don't plan to add other languages.

My Trade Post where I display my activity on online TCGs, I've been playing since 2005.

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